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Cal India Tours & Travels

Wadhwa House 29-E, Nikhil garden Phase-1 Near Parasvanath Panchwati Flats, Taj Nagari Phase-2, Agra, India - 282001



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Cal India Tours & Travels Agra

Since time immemorial, India has attracted visitors with an almost magnetic intensity. The medieval world regarded India as a metaphor for all that was exotic and rich beyond compare; India attracts, seduces and enchants with a unique combination of sights, sounds and sensations. Whatever it is you want from a holiday you'll find it in India . There are royal palaces, abandoned cities, monuments and desert fortresses, temples, beach resorts, hill stations, mountains, lakes, and some of the best wildlife reserves in the world. Traditional music and dance, excellent cuisine, colorful costumes, hustling towns and cities, quite apart from the recognized sights, the typical Indian street is teeming with life and an experience in itself. A veritable living theatre of people hawking goods, gossiping, begging, haggling, of wandering sacred cows, of mules and camels, laden with spices, fruit, vegetables and goods of every description, of overworked rickshaw wallahs pedaling in the hot sun and over-loaded dusty buses. India is a total experience, an assault on the senses.
This is a beautiful land full of the exotic enchantment of the east with a strong religious mystique and enormous natural resources, but this is only one side of India. It is also a place of incredible noise and poverty. Of vast population, a large country with large problems. This powerful sense of contrast between extravagant luxury and sheer poverty, incredible beauty and basic ugliness will leave you spinning. But it is the key to understanding India; India is an amazing land full of contradiction, colour and energy. It is a land that is seldom peaceful, rarely private and can often be frustrating. And once it's in your blood stream you won't get it out. One visit won't be enough and you'll be back. of that you can be sure.

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