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Places to Visit - Puttaparthi

Puttaparthi is a town situated in the Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh, India. It was also the residence of the notable spiritual teacher Sathya Sai Baba. The town's main attraction is Baba's Prasanthi Nilayam ashram, the presence of which has given a huge boost to the local economy, in the form of hotels, lodges, restaurants and shops which are largely frequented by visitors to Prasanthi Nilayam."The common languages spoken in Puttaparthi are Telugu, English and Hindi.

The climate is "generally hot and dry throughout the year", summer temperatures ranging from 34°C-42°C, (93F - 108F) and winter 22°C-27°C (71F - 80F). The hotter months being from March until July and the milder months being from November until January. The southwest monsoons play a major role in determining the climate. The northeast monsoons are responsible for about one-third of the total rainfall. Some rainfall may be expected during the months of July and August and again from October to December. Puttaparthi is 475 meters (1558 feet) above sea level.

Visiting Prashanthi Nilayam


You cannot book ahead and obtain rooms to stay in the ashram; it is not a hotel with accommodation that can be reserved. You must travel to the ashram and go to the relevant Accommodation Office. Accommodation is of two types - Rooms and sheds. Allotment of any type of accommodation is subject to availability. The Ashram reserves the right of admission to the ashram and its accommodation facilities. During festivals usually there are large crowds. Hence at such times, room accommodation may be difficult to secure and only sheds may be available. No separate room is allotted to an individual. However, rooms may be allotted if two or three persons of the same gender agree to share a room.

Advance reservations: No advance reservations are made for individuals and families. However, large groups may make arrangements in advance by contacting the Accommodation Office.

Accommodation charges are minimal for Indian Citizens. Common Halls and Dormitories are levied at Rs 5/- per day and rooms are levied Rs 130/- per day. Foreigners should read further down the page, the charges are different. The accommodation receipt must be carefully preserved during your stay in the Ashram and produced whenever asked for.

Staying in the Ashram

If you are resident in India and you wish to stay in the Ashram, you must go to the Accommodation Office for Devotees from India and Nepal, which is located in Canteen Road, and is one of the offices at the rear of Poornachandra Hall (opposite the South Indian Canteen, and is numbered Room No.7 ). This office is clearly marked on the Windows and is staffed until 9PM at night.

For Indian Citizens


If you wish to obtain accommodation inside the Ashram, each person will be required to produce ONE of the following documents:

  • His / her Voter Identity Card (the Identity Card issued by the Election Commission of India).
  • PAN Card
  • Driver's Licence
  • Passport
  • Bank Pass Book (with attested photograph)
  • Any other credible photo identity documents.

Please note that in case of a family, all members above the age of 10 are required to produce one of the above documents. Children (below 10 years of age) alone are exempt from the above rule. For INDIAN CITIZENS who arrive in Prasanthi Nilayam during non-office hours (between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m.), accommodation will be provided for a day in the dormitories, as allotted by the Seva Dal volunteers at the Ashram entrance. These devotees are required to report to the Accommodation Office later during office hours and collect their accommodation receipt in order to extend their stay in the Ashram.

Foreigners and NRI

The Ashram provides low cost accommodation to those who visit Sathya Sai Baba. Rooms are available for Married couples, and those travelling alone or in a group are allocated rooms in one of the many accommodation blocks. All rooms have shower, toilet and vanity. Dhobi's (washer-men and women) visit each accommodation block morning and afternoon to collect and return washing. Seva Dal provide security and there are watchmen allocated to every accommodation block in the Ashram. Accommodation is usually granted for three or four weeks stay.

Note: persons under the age of 25 years, travelling alone, will be refused accommodation in the ashram. Persons under the age of 25 should be travelling in groups or with family.

Foreigners and Non-resident Indians need to carry their valid Indian passports while registering themselves at the Registration and Accommodation Office for Overseas Devotees located in North-8, A-1. [photocopy of relevant passport pages will not be accepted]

Important Note for Overseas Devotees

Overseas devotees are now allowed only 30 days stay in the ashram per year. Many devotees that have just arrived - that were here earlier e.g. Birthday, Christmas or for Shivarathi - are now being refused accommodation because their 30 days are already up. This 30 day period runs from July to June of the next year - Guru Purnima to Guru Purnima. If you have stayed in the ashram once in a 12 month period and that stay exceeeds 30 days, then you must find accommodation elsewhere. The old 60 day rule has been sent aside. This is on account of the huge influx of devotees arriving daily.

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